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Ladder Racks

  • Fitz All Roof Top Ladder Rack - RA-28
    $230.00 Fitz All Roof Top Ladder Rack - RA-28
    • Fitz-All ladder racks do exactly that, they fit all enclosed trailer brands, flat or round roofs and sizes (4’ to 8.5’ and everything in between). • Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum with our...

  • $62.50 Pack'Em Bracket - PK-BM
    This is the bracket kit for PK-28WL.

  • $125.00 Pack'Em Multi Purpose Rack - PK-OP2
    This multi-purpose rack includes mounts for back pack blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saw trimmers, spare tire mounts, shovels, and rakes. The racks hook over the steel header at the top of the wall of your enclosed trailer...

  • Pack-Em Wheel Tiedown - PK-WTD
    $45.50 Pack-Em Wheel Tiedown - PK-WTD
    This kit will secure almost anything with wheels to a trailer, it can be used on open and enclosed trailers. The weather resistant anodized steel stops bolt to trailer and act as chocks. The strap is 7' long and can...

  • Sidewall Ladder Rack - Enclosed - PK-28WL-BM
    $165.00 Sidewall Ladder Rack - Enclosed - PK-28WL-BM
    This rack is designed to be mounted on the exterior side of an enclosed trailer to transport a ladder, pipe, lumber, and more. Easy access to your equipment Adjustable heights can be set up for operator comfort and ease...