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Grease & Grease Guns

  • Biobased Lubricant Spray - L10443
    $5.50 Biobased Lubricant Spray - L10443
    Biobased, green lubricant, spray. Eco friendly reduces friction Biobased lubricants are manufactured from renewable vegetable-base stocks which have a naturally higher Viscocity Index.Biobased lubricants have 4x the natural...

  • Grease Gun - L30-200
    $15.00 Grease Gun - L30-200
    Standard Duty Lever Grease Gun uses 14oz grease refill p/n L11402. Ideal for household and automotive applications. Developes up to 6000psi. Delivers 1oz of grease/40 strokes.

  • Tub of Grease - L11404
    $10.70 Tub of Grease - L11404
    Corrosion Control wheel bearing grease 14oz. tub/can for all trailer bearings, Disc Brake Bearings. Other applications are swivel hinges, pins, winches and anchor chain reels. Water insoluble calcium sulfonate complex...

  • Tube of Grease - L11402
    $9.95 Tube of Grease - L11402
    Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease 14 oz.Cartridge Corrosion Control grease. Refill for grease gun p/n L11155 Special calcium sulfonate complex,water insoluble formula. Ideal for Marine applications.Excellent protection for...

  • Tubes of Grease - L11400
    $15.85 Tubes of Grease - L11400
    Grease small tubes 4 Pack of 3 oz. cartridges corrosion control grease refill for Small grease gun p/n L11100 Marine corrosive and trailer wheel bearing grease,water insoluble. Recommended for corrosive marine...