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Inspection Ready!

9th Jul 2018

In Virginia, all trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or greater are required to have brakes on at least one axle and require a state inspection. For more information on state towing laws please see our downloadable form on our site here: Towing Laws.

Here is a helpful checklist on making sure your trailer is inspection ready:

  • Make sure to “bleed your brakes”. In most cases this will require two people, one to pump the actuator and another to turn the wheel until fluid appears; the fluid should travel from the actuator freely to the wheels.
  • All lights must be in working order and all lenses that are faded, cracked or broken must be replaced.
  • Make sure all tires have the proper PSI and proper tread depth. The suggested PSI can be found listed on the side of the tire.
  • Inspect your bearings and races to determine if you need to repack or replace them.
  • If your trailer currently has incandescent lights, now is the time to consider upgrading to LED, use fewer amps and therefore they never get hot. Heat & water do not mix. This also means fewer instances of the wires shorting out.
  • Make sure your coupler or actuator has a locking pin to keep it secure on the ball. This will eliminate it from popping off of the ball on bumpy roads or rough terrain.
  • Check your suspension for abnormal wear and tear, i.e.: rust that is beyond surface rust, cracks, parts not freely moving, etc.

Please keep in mind this is just a brief list, and a thorough inspections is always suggested before taking long trips or if it has been more than a year since your last inspection.