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Camco Tote Tank 90 Degree Adapter

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Product Overview

The 90° Tote Tank Adapter is designed to make using your portable tote tank as easy and secure as possible. The bayonet ends attach to any lug fitting and create a secure, odortight connection. Each end features 4 bayonet prongs that create a positive locking action to secure to the lug fitting. The bayonet fittings swivel for easy connecting. The low profile 90° elbow makes it possible to attach your sewer hose to your tote tank in a streamlined fashion to create downhill flow and to minimize kinking. The elbow is translucent, so you can see when you’re done. The 90° Tote Tank Adapter is made from UV stabilized resin that will hold up after many uses.

  • Designed for use with RV Tote Tanks
  • Low profile 90° elbow for maximum drainage
  • Two swivel bayonet ends
  • Odortight connection
  • UV stabilized resin


(No reviews yet) Write a Review