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Weather Resistant Titan Grip Wheel Lock

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10.00 LBS

Product Overview

Titan Grip Wheel Lock is the culmination of advanced engineering and precision craftsmanship from TEAM Manufacturing. Produced in the United States with premium-grade carbon steel and tempered to the highest treating standards: Titan Grip Wheel Lock is "...American Made and American Tough."

This exceptional level of quality far surpasses many competitor wheel locks commonly made with mild steel and no hardening process. This wheel immobilizer is a premium item without the premium cost. Titan Grip Wheel Lock is the answer to safeguarding your vehicle, trailer, or equipment.


  • Carbon Steel rated 6 times stronger than "mild" steel
  • Stainless steellocking cylinder is drill resistant and freeze resistant
  • Strong up to 4000 lbs.
  • Weather resistant
  • Protective coating prevents scratching of wheels
  • Extra large capacity capable of securing 14 inch wide tires


(No reviews yet) Write a Review